‘In 2009 myself and my wife gave up our jobs to open Khamsa, we thought it is the time for the Algerian cuisine to take its place amongst other cuisines, that’s why we strive to do our best to make our guests discover Algeria with our delicious authentic food.’

Khamsa is one of London’s best and most hidden gems, with a fantastic fusion of spices and colours!

Some of the wonder of food is the chef’s dedication to super fresh ingredients, often cooked– just feet from where you’re sitting– with a loving attention to the preparation and presentation.
Many of the amazing parts of the Khamsa experience are some of the things that surround the main course. The bulk of Khamsa’s dining space is a small, one room eating area that transports you to a charming slice of North Africa.
Tables are covered entirely in large silver trays; pink and red silks and beaded pillows dot the seats lining the windows; and a large trailing plant stretches up from a pot in the corner, it’s tendrils curling across the ceiling. A larger area downstairs, dotted with lanterns, can be also reserved for larger groups.